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Mission Diverse

Making Diversity Our Mission


Your diversity trainers and inclusion consultants. We help you to support, connect and engage with colleagues whilst giving back to the community.

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Making Diversity The Norm... Not a Trend.

Ignite Change with Passionate Diversity Trainers & Inclusion Consultant

We are a diversity trainers and inclusion consultants dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace and society. Our team of experienced diversity trainers and consultants delivering impactful and interactive workshops, advice and support that is designed to increase understanding, awareness and positive action in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mission Diverse are comprised of specialist diversity trainers and consultants with years of experience working with a wide range of organisations and communities to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, entrepreneurship and enterprise.

As diversity trainers, consultants and community champions we work closely with people of colour, young people, and those from underprivileged background to develop and support them in the workplace, business and entrepreneurship.

So if you are looking for diversity trainers and consultants, Mission Diverse works with small and large organisations across the globe around all maters to improving equitable change.

Diversity Training & Consultancy Services

Bystander Intervention

Our bystander training helps create an inclusive culture whilst empowering your employees to confidently challenge workplace conflict, disagreements, prejudice and discrimination without conflict.

Microaggressions Training

Our Microaggressions Training is designed to help you identify this particularly subtle forms of discrimination. Whilst helping employees understand what microaggressions are, and how to confidently challenge them.

Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious Bias Training that helps your employees mitigate workplace bias, improve staff engagement, diversify recruitment. This training also provides practical strategies for reducing the influence of unconscious biases.

Race Awareness & Anti-Racism Training

Our Race Awareness & Anti-Racism Training empowers employees and organisations to have proactive conversations about race and racism through discussion-based and experience-led approach to training.


Our LGBTQ+ training will enable you to understand how to correctly use pronouns, address the differences between gender identity and gender expression, have inclusive conversations about LGBTQ+ topics as well as being an ally.

24/7 Consultancy

We provide ongoing monthly consultancy support services which gives you access to all of our specialist consultants. Our diversity consultants will support you any EDI advice, policy, procedures and reviews at a fraction of the cost.

Some Of Our Clients And Partners

Mission Diverse Clients and Partners Diversity and Inclusion Training and Community Partners_

Join thousands of happy clients & employees...

"Excellent senior leadership session"
The session was thought provoking, insightful and personal, with Cleo creating a supportive and open environment for us all to contribute and share our own lived experience and perspectives
Mick W. Executive Director of Games Services & Workforce at Birmingham 22
"Made people feel comfortable"
This sessions was brilliant! Very patient and a great facilitator bringing everyone along their own journey of learning, she made people feel comfortable asking questions and sharing experiences. I strongly recommend this training.
Anonymous employee post race awareness training feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What kind of training and consulting services do you offer?

Mission Diverse offer both diversity training and consulting to companies of all sizes. We work with companies of all sizes, no matter how big or small. With clients across Europe, North America and Asia.

Our specialist consulting services range from; Diversity and Inclusion advisory support, policy and procedure reviews, creation and implementation, EDI Health Checks, Audits and more.

Our diversity training services also include in-persona and virtual workshops, seminars, 1-2-1 and group coaching, in addition to mentorship programs, designed to meet the specific needs of an organisation.

What kind of impact can we expect from your services?

The impact of diversity and inclusion services will depend on the specific goals of the organization, the stage of its journey towards diversity and inclusion, and the services provided by the company.

Organisations can typically expect to see improvements in areas such as employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and the representation of underrepresented groups at different levels of the organisation.

The specific impact will depend on the goals of your organisation and the services provided, but some common outcomes from  our services include; improved employee satisfaction, increased representation of underrepresented groups, enhanced organisational culture, improved business performance and more.

As a diversity trainers, what is your approach to diversity and inclusion training and consulting, and how does it align with our organisation's goals and values?

Our approach to diversity and inclusion training is centered around creating a safe and respectful learning environment where participants can increase their understanding and skills in these important areas. We use a combination of interactive activities, case studies, and group discussions to engage participants and encourage learning. Our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and they are committed to helping organisations achieve their goals and values related to diversity and inclusion.

What makes Mission Diverse different to other diversity trainers?

High level of interactivity! We believe that hands-on, interactive learning is the best way to promote understanding and encourage positive change. Our trainers incorporate a range of interactive activities, group discussions, and case studies into their training programs to engage participants and encourage learning.

We also reinvest back into the community to support people of colour, young people and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds enter the workplace or start their own business through our community REACH Enterprise programme.


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