Making Diversity The Norm

Your diversity and inclusion trainers and consultants. We help you to support, connect and engage with colleagues and communities from all walks of life.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Services

Diversity & Inclusion Training In The Workplace

We deliver diversity training and a safe space for employees and organisations to develop, discuss, re-educate and improve diversity  within the workplace. Widening the spectrum of diversity to ensure everyone is heard. 

Race Awareness Training & Support

Support employees and organisations to raise awareness and understanding about race and ethnicity in the workplace. Taking a discussion-based and experience-led based approach to training.

Unconscious Bias Training In The Workplace

We provide unconscious bias training in companies and organisations help to educate, inform and engage employees. As well as helping understand the nature of unconscious bias.


Our Microaggression Training is designed to help you identify this particularly subtle forms of discrimination. Microaggression Training helps you understand what they are, and how to address them.


Intersectionality training enables your organisation to better understand various forms of multi-layered forms of discrimination, enabling you and your team to discuss how differing characteristics.

Live Online Inclusion Training Courses

Book onto our live online diversity and inclusion training courses which include; Diversity & Inclusion, Race Awareness, Unconscious Bias and Refresher Training held all year round to suit your diary

Schools & Community Engagement Workshops

We deliver our 6-week business  programme in schools and disadvantaged community across the UK as an alternative way to engage children from all backgrounds about business and real workplace principles.

Some Of Our Clients And Partners

Mission Diverse Clients and Partners Diversity and Inclusion Training and Community Partners_

About Mission Diverse

Mission Diverse is an organisation working towards improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace, entrepreneurship and enterprise.

Working with people of colour, young people and those from underprivileged background to develop and support them in the workplace, business and entrepreneurship. As well as providing training and support to companies and institutes around unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion training, inclusive marketing, damage limitation, consultancy and diversity research.

We also offer our REACH start up programme to Black, Asian and minority ethnic start-up business owners, with free enterprise and mentoring support for up to 6 months.


Get In Touch

If you or your organisation are interested in our diversity and inclusion training, consultancy services, start-up programme or schools and community programme - get in touch.
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