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Diversity Policy Review Services

Ensure your organisation’s policies, processes, and procedures are inclusive, effective, compliant, and align with industry standard best practices with our comprehensive diversity review services. 

Our Diversity Policy Review services are designed to evaluate, enhance, and align your policies, processes and procedures using the Mission Diverse Gold Standard Framework©, to create an inclusive work environment where every individual thrives.

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Policy, Process, and Procedure Review Services

Our diversity policy services allows us to fully examine your organisations policies, processes and procedures related to various aspects such as human resources, operations, compliance, ethics, and more. This analysis involves assessing the inclusivity, clarity, relevancy, and consistency of your documentation to ensure they are inline with industry best practice through the Mission Diverse Gold Standard Framework©, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Analysis: Our team conducts a meticulous review of your organisations internal and diversity policies, procedures and more.

Best Practice Alignment: We compare your policies against our Gold Standard Framework and industry-leading best practices, ensuring they align.

Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement: We engage with key stakeholders to gather diverse perspectives and understand the experiences and challenges.

Actionable Recommendations: Based on our analysis, we provide you with a detailed report outlining practical recommendations to enhance your diversity policies. 

Ongoing Support and Monitoring: We’ll work with you throughout the  diversity policy review process. Our team offers ongoing guidance, regular check-ins, and progress monitoring to ensure the successful execution of your diversity policy enhancements.

The Mission Diverse Gold Standard Framework

The Mission Diverse Gold Standard Framework is our proprietary comprehensive and holistic approach that sets the benchmark for inclusive practices in any organisation. Our framework has been built to encompasses a range of key components, including policy, procedure and process development, leadership commitment, employee engagement, training and education, HR and recruitment assessments, metrics and accountability, ongoing evaluation and much more. Our in-house framework serves as a roadmap for organisations to establish, maintain and continually develop an inclusive workplaces that celebrate diversity and culture.

With our extensive expertise and experience, we have refined the Mission Diverse Gold Standard Framework to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by organisations in their diversity and inclusion journeys

How Does It Work?

Through the use of our Mission Diverse Gold Standard Framework, we empower organisations our diversity policy reviews  go beyond basic compliance and truly embraces inclusivity and diversity as a driver of innovation and success.

The Mission Diverse team of experts will work closely with you to conduct a thorough review of your diversity policies, processes and procedures, ensuring they reflect your values and promote equitable practices.

Our policy, processes and procedures services not only help to create inclusive workplaces, it will identify how your organisations can attract top talent, enhance employee engagement and productivity, improve decision-making, and gain a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.

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Diversity Policy Review That Helps You Attract & Retaining Diverse Talent

Our Diversity Policy Review services not only cover policies, we review and revise procedures and processes to ensure they attract and retain diverse talent.

When your employees see that your organisation values diversity, inclusivity and creates equitable opportunities for everyone, our research has shown it boost morale and increase overall job satisfaction which leads to higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

Legal Requirements and Best Practices

Our Diversity Policy Review services ensures that your organisations is not only acting ethnically. We ensure you policies, processes and procedures are aligned with legal requirements and regulations regarding diversity and inclusion.

Our review and revision services helps identify any potential legal risks or non-compliance issues, allowing the organisation to rectify them and mitigate potential liabilities.

As well as this, our reviews also helps the organisation benchmark our in-house framework against industry best practices, ensuring it stays competitive in attracting and retaining diverse talent.

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Diversity Policy & Procedure Review FAQ's

A policy review involves examining and assessing the existing policies and procedures within an organisation. It ensures that these policies align with legal requirements, industry best practices, and the organisation’s objectives. The review aims to identify any gaps, inconsistencies, or areas for improvement in policies and procedures to enhance effectiveness and compliance.

A diversity review is an assessment and evaluation process that examines the equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) practices within your organisation. Diversity reviews should be done on documents that relate to human interactions. Generally speaking, anything that is Human Resources (HR) related. It involves analysing various aspects, including policies, procedures, practices, and organisational culture, to determine the effectiveness of efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity.

A comprehensive diversity review should include the following components:

  • Evaluation of existing diversity policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Analysis of workforce demographics to assess representation across various dimensions of diversity.
  • Examination of recruitment, hiring, and promotion practices to determine if they are inclusive and equitable.
  • Assessment of training and development programs to ensure they address diversity and inclusion.
  • Review of employee engagement and satisfaction surveys to identify any disparities among different groups.
  • Analysis of performance management processes to ensure fairness and transparency.
  • Evaluation of the organisation’s culture and inclusivity at all levels.
  • Feedback from employees through surveys, focus groups, or interviews to gather insights and perspectives on diversity and inclusion.

The frequency of policy and procedure reviews depends on various factors, including legal requirements, industry standards, and organisational dynamics. Generally, it is recommended to review policies and procedures at regular intervals, such as annually or to ensure they remain relevant, up to date, and aligned with changing needs and regulations. Additionally, any significant changes in the organisation’s structure, objectives, or external environment may necessitate more frequent reviews. Additionally, policies should be reviewed whenever significant events or incidents occur that require policy adjustments or clarifications.

Policies and procedures must be reviewed to ensure they continue to meet the organisation’s goals, align with legal requirements, and adapt to changes in the business environment. By conducting regular reviews, organisations can identify gaps, address emerging issues, update outdated policies, and improve overall effectiveness. Policy reviews also provide an opportunity to incorporate feedback from employees and stakeholders, promote transparency, and maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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