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Diversity eLearning Courses

Diversity eLearning courses ranging from Microaggressions, Race & Anti-Racism, LGBTQ+ Awareness, Diversity & Inclusion, and Unconscious Bias training.

NEW Diversity eLearning Courses

Meet Your eLearning Courses Trainers

The Mission Diverse trainers deliver all of our interactive diversity eLearning courses to make your learning experience more personal, engaging and immersive. No bad over-dramatised acting, or pointless quizzes. 

Mission Diverse Trainer Cleo Diversity Training Company


Race awareness specialist with a lifetime of lived experience, who will help you navigate through our Race awareness and anti-racism online course.

Mission Diverse Sam Diversity Training Company


Sam is our Unconscious Bias training specialist that will help you better understand and address the workplace biases you may see.

Diversity & Intersectionality
Online Course

Learn what Intersectionality is, understand the different forms of intersectional discrimination, and begin to positively "meet your colleagues at the intersection"
Mission Diverse Equality Diversity Inclusion Certification Badge

Fun. Interactive. Diversity eLearning courses. Led by Real People.

Diversity eLearning Courses FAQs

Our diversity eLearning courses come in a short interactive video content module format. Each online course has a series of between 4 to 6 modules (depending on which online course you take). 

Each module includes a trainer led video delivered by one of the Mission Diverse team, so you’ll feel like you’re interacting with us on a personalised 1-2-1 level… We don’t do animated cartoons or poor acting. The Mission Diverse team talking directly to you. Each video lasting between 5 to 7 minutes to help guide you through the topics that are being covered. 

The learning modules themselves take between 10 to 12 minutes to complete, with most modules containing a short assessment to test your knowledge in a variety of ways. Our course assessments are comprised of:

  • Observation Games
  • Case study responses
  • Quizzes 
  • Mix and match activities and more.

All in all, our diversity eLearning courses will take approximately 90-minutes to complete.

Unlike other diversity eLearning courses, we also have a “ask the trainer” session which you’ll be able to access once you purchase a course. Our “ask the trainer” session is our weekly morning diversity forum which allows you to meet the course trainer virtually in real time to ask any questions, pick our brains, and learn more whilst you’re in the process of completing our course(s).

On completion, you’ll also receive an online certificate, as well as a digital badge which you can display on your email signature. 

If you’re an organisation who has put their entire staff team through our course, once 80% of employees have completed and passed the selected course(s) in full, we’ll also grant you a license to display our digital diversity badge on your website.

Our diversity eLearning courses are pitched smack-bang in the middle for those who maybe new to diversity and inclusion, as well as those who have experience or previous training in the EDI space. Our diversity eLearning courses are suitable for all industries and individuals which include:

  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Managers
  • Senior leaders
  • C-suite Executives & Boards
  • HR professional 

Truth be told, our courses go beyond your typical content of the Equality Act 2010 and other general legislation. Our diversity eLearning courses are all pitched to reflect the real world, at a human level, which everyone will encounter. This makes our courses suitable for anyone, as well as making it easy to access anywhere in the world.

Our diversity eLearning course delivery method is what sets us apart from the rest – it also means, regardless of your knowledge, you’ll pick up something new that you can use both inside and outside of the workplace.

We also regularly update our online courses to meet the current needs, topics and issues of society – which means you’re also getting the most up-to-date training support there is out there.

That’s absolutely fine! And great to hear, we think the biggest way to have an impact on improving workplace culture and inclusion is by having all of your employees learning at the same level. So it’s pretty understandable and normal for companies to want to purchase, tens, hundreds, or thousands of our courses to train their entire staff base.

We also offer a bulk discount to organisations who’d like to purchase more than 20 course users.

Our diversity eLearning courses can also be done anywhere in the world, so if you have a global staff team, that’s we can also accommodate them too.

The process is simple, if you’d like to train your entire staff base on one or all our diversity eLearning courses. All you need to do is fill in our course contact form here, and one of our team will give you a call to provide you with the costs and set up based on your requirements.


If you’re on our diversity eLearning courses website page. You’re probably on it for one of the following reasons:

  1. You want to further your own learning out of genuine interest in the diversity and inclusion space.
  2. Your company wants to have a mixed suite of online courses to support their staff all year round. 
  3. You’re looking for an online course solution to service your entire staff workforce.
  4. You’ve been told “you need to do some diversity and inclusion training”.
  5. Your company won’t commit a budget or doesn’t have a budget, so you’re looking for the cheapest option available.

Whichever one it is, we understand. The fact of the matter is that you’re here to develop, and we want to help you – which is why we created the best diversity eLearning courses that are on the market today.

If you are looking for a diversity eLearning course because of reasons 1,2 or 3 you’re in the right frame of mind to begin supporting yourself, and others in your company around a genuine investment and commitment to improving diversity and inclusion.

Our diversity eLearning courses will be a useful first or second step to really enhancing your knowledge, confidence and awareness on topics related to diversity and inclusivity.

If you find your response is 4 or 5, we understand that for some, diversity and inclusion isn’t something that you may naturally be drawn to, however, our diversity eLearning courses are a great starting point to pique your interest, challenge your thinking and take the next steps to becoming a more inclusive individual and company.

Yes, our diversity eLearning courses are created to reflect people from all walks of life, across the globe. Our online courses are written and voiced in English, but they are applicable to anyone regardless of their geographic location. 

If you and your company is looking for more specific diversity and inclusion training, you’re in the right place!

At Mission Diverse we offer a mix of training and consulting services that support a range of protected characteristics.

We also produce bespoke training and consulting programmes and workshops to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Below we have detailed our other available training services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, thats absolutely fine, just contact us and we’ll put together a bespoke diversity and inclusion training session for you.  

Our Other Training Services

We also offer open courses that allow individuals from different companies to come together and learn from each other.

Our open training sessions include:

At Mission Diverse we believe in connecting companies with communities. Unlike some organisations, we are a non-profit company, who use the money you pay us for our training programmes, to reinvest in our Local Community Employability and Enterprise programmes.

Our employability and enterprise programmes provide education, mentoring and personal development training to people from underrepresented and disadvantaged communities. By doing this we hope to provide those from underrepresented communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter entrepreneurship and the workplace (…or maybe come and work in your company!).

Why Use Our Diversity eLearning Courses?

Diversity eLearning courses often get a bad rap for tick-boxing… And rightly so! This because they are often not produced, or created by the people who experience the issues at hand, so they are often dull and ill thought-out. Which resorts in you, the learner, watching a boring animated video or scenes with bad actors, followed by a set of 3-question quiz’s that a cat could answer in their sleep.

At Mission Diverse decided to make our own impactful diversity eLearning courses delivered by our passionate trainer’s. Who will guide you through our diversity eLearning courses whilst sharing relatable, REAL life experiences, that you and your learners can get to grips with. We also provide free learning and support resources as part of our diversity eLearning courses to ensure you can take what you’ve learned from our courses and put it into action in the real world. 

Get A Company-Wide Course Quote

Need a bespoke diversity eLearning course creating?

If you are looking for bespoke eLearning courses around diversity and inclusion, with a specific focus on a particular topic for your organisation. Mission Diverse also produce fully bespoke diversity eLearning courses to ensure the needs of your organisation are met. Whether you want to look at a particular area of diversity and inclusion, or want to look more closely at areas for improvement through a diversity eLearning course. Get in touch with us today for a quote.

Need A Bespoke Diversity eLearning Course?

LGBT eLearning Course

We'll let you know when we launch the new course. Individuals and companies also receive your Early Bird 25% DISCOUNT for registering your interest early when we go live!

Register your interest in our LGBT online course - LAUNCHING MARCH 2023!

Microaggressions eLearning Course

We'll let you know when we launch the new course. Individuals and companies also receive your Early Bird 25% DISCOUNT for registering your interest early when we go live!

Register your interest in our Microaggressions online course - LAUNCHING APRIL 2023!

Unconscious Bias eLearning Course

We'll let you know when we launch the new course. Individuals and companies also receive your Early Bird 25% DISCOUNT for registering your interest early when we go live!

Register your interest in our Unconscious Bias online course - LAUNCHING APRIL 2023!

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