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Built Different Bingo!

Welcome to Built Different Bingo brought to you by Mission Diverse! This game is designed to help employees anywhere in the world get to know each other better while having fun!

How To Play "Build Different Bingo"

1. Built Different Bingo can be played with a group of three or more people. One person acts as the Bingo Caller, who will read out the 3 statements randomly generated when the purple “Bingo Caller Button” is clicked.

2. Each game player will get a randomly generated bingo card when the green “Generate Bingo Card” button is pressed which will provide a 3×3 grid containing various statements. 

3. All players have 30 seconds to Generate a Bingo Card which they think will give them the best chance of winning before the game starts. (Note: Once you generate a new bingo card, you can not return it to the previous one. So choose wisely). The Bingo Caller will start the 30-second timer, and once it ends, the game will begin!

4. The goal is to listen to the statements read out by the Bingo Caller and click to mark off any statements on your Bingo card that applies to you. 

5. The most important rule that the Bingo Caller and Players must remember! A player must say/shout “me!” or raise their hands, and should be willing and able to provide a short description or anecdote related when they check off any statement. If the player cannot give a short description, story or anecdote related to the checked-off statement, then they can not check off the statement.

6. If a player cannot provide a short description, story or anecdote for a marked statement, they are not considered to have completed the line and cannot win the game with that line. Why are rules 5 and 6 important? The purpose of this Bingo game is to create interactions and communication among players, allowing them to learn interesting facts about each other in a fun and engaging way. By sharing stories, anecdotes and experiences related to the statements on their bingo cards, players can build connections together.

7. The first player to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of three marked statements shouts “Bingo!” to win the game.

8. For players who didn’t get to share during the game. You will have a turn to pick one of the statements on your card and share what you are comfortable with to your group.

9. The game can continue with multiple rounds simply by players pressing “Generate New Bingo Card” allowing players to get to know each other even better as each round goes on.

10. The Bingo Caller’s decision is final!

11. For the best game experience, play on a computer or on a mobile device in landscape view. Play and enjoy!


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Mission Diverse Bingo

Mission Diverse Bingo

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