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Mission Diverse

Making Diversity Our Mission

Meet The Team

Mission Diverse is founded and run on the principles we preach. Our team and board are comprised of individuals and experts who work to support local communities, companies, schools and universities. All with the common goal to improve, understand and implement diversity in a variety of settings.

Mission Diverse Trainer Cleo Diversity Training Company

Cleo Morris

Founder, Diversity & Inclusion Trainer & Consultant​

The visionary behind Mission Diverse. Cleo’s aim is to make diversity the norm, not a trend. Delivering a variety of start-up and enterprise community initiatives to support those from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds free of charge. We want to level the playing field to ensure everyone has the same level of access and opportunities in the business and the workplace.

Mission Diverse Sam Diversity Training Company

Sam McPherson

Head of Schools & Community Engagement

Sam’s passion is working with young people and inspiring the next generation. From schools and community groups to prison reform, Sam has spent the last 12 years working with some of the most hard to reach young people in the UK. He prides himself on educating those that are often forgotten about within the community to enable them to be the best version of themselves.

Stuart Harrison Team Photo

Stuart Harrison

Head of Inclusion Brand Strategy

Stuart has delivered campaigns for clients worldwide, with his creative & analytical approach to marketing. With in-depth knowledge of inbound, outbound and social media marketing, Stuart will diversify your brand strategy to appeal to all your key stakeholders.

Phoebe Cambouropoulos

Diversity & Inclusion Trainer & Consultant

LGBTQ+ activist, Phoebe, has always been driven by the idea of making the world a more inclusive place for everyone, regardless of who they are. Her wide range in knowledge and insights around the LGBTQ+ community ensures everyone has a safe space to share during training sessions and facilitated workshops.

Victoria Masso Team Photo

Victoria Masso

Body Language & Behaviour Expert

Our passionate multilingual Venezuelan! Victoria specialises in training teams of employees & executives on how to recognise behaviours, baises and cultures. She is the head trainer for the INPUT international mentorship programme, a UN-recognised best practise. She participates in several grassroots initiatives in the UK.

Let's Work Together...

Meet Our Team of Advisors, Ambassadors & Mentors

Mission Diverse are also proud to have a team of diverse supporters and ambassadors who believe in our mission as much as we do.

Lenah Ghawk Accountants Team Photo

Accountant & Business Advisor

Founder and director of gHawk Accounting where she helps business owners take control of their cashflow and business finances while saving on tax. Lenah is passionate about helping business owners maximise the returns from their business so they can make more money, have more time and live a life of choice.

Dan Ellis Team Photo

Daniel Ellis

Tech Company CEO & Angel Investor

Daniel founded his IT company straight out of university. 15 years later his company, EPX Technical Services is a million-pound turnover organisation employing people across the globe. Daniel is also a product designer and angel investor, investing in up-and-coming IT and fintech companies across the UK. His passion is around all things tech and business related.

Rakeem Omar Team Photo

Rakeem Omar

Radio Presenter & Award Winning Journalist

Rakeem Omar is an award-winning Journalist, BBC Radio Presenter on both BBC Radio WM & BBC Radio 1 & a TEDx speaker. As a Channel 4 Investigative Journalism MA alumnus, he is passionate about sharing the stories of those from underserved communities. He has also worked with the likes of BBC Three, BBC One, Channel 4, MTV & Guap Mag on documentaries & current affairs programming.

Anita Hill

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, & Teacher

Founder of Comfyse, Anita is passionate about educating the younger generation to ensure they have a better quality of life during and post education. An anti-racist and true believer in equality, Anita supports Mission Diverse in promoting diversity and inclusion across all areas.

Omarah Taylor Team Photo

Omarah Taylor

GB Amateur Boxer

With a relentless drive for success, Omarah is one the UK’s top women’s boxing prospects with an undefeated record. Whilst breaking down barriers around women in boxing, Omarah trains with Heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, and is on track to compete on the world’s largest stage. #ThisGirlCan

Shaun Pelayo Mission Diverse Team Ambassador

Shaun "Dream Chaser" Pelayo

Model, Actor & Mentor

Proudly representing his Philipino heritage. Shaun worked his way up from nothing, to becoming a fashion model for some of the UK largest brands. Shaun has also appeared in global box office movies with rapper icons such as Common. Following the completion of his degree, Shaun also provides youth mentoring services, contrary to general misconceptions.

Sherrad Prezzie-Blue

Sherrad Prezzie-Blue

Founder of Basketball Viza & Former International Pro Basketball Player

Born in Connecticut, USA, Sherrad used the game of basketball as an avenue to change his life. Turning pro at just 21 years of age, Sherrad played in countries such as the UK, Germany & Africa. Following his pro career, Sherrad now works and trains with young people to help them fulfil their Basketball dreams.

Kaylee Golding

Kaylee Golding

Award Winning Presenter & DJ

Heard across the airways on BBC WM, Reprezent Radio and Radio 1Xtra, Kaylee is one of a small number of black women represented in the radio music industry. As well as a well-known DJ, Kaylee is also active and prevalent in addressing social issues, racial injustice and is an LGBTQ+ advocate.

Bryan Manley-Green

Bryan Manley-Green

Politician & Businessman

Multi-lingual businessman and proud LGBTQ+ supporter, Bryan has been in the business world for over twenty years running Alchemy Translations and knows what it takes to work with a variety of cultures across the globe. For over twenty-one years, he has been the owner of Alchemy Translations and is a well-known face in the business community.

Dominique Lescott Founder Hair Popp

Dominique Lescott

Founder of Hair Popp

Dominique Lescott is the founder and owner of online company and community hub, Hair Popp. Hair Popp is an e-commerce website for black-owned hair care brands that enable women and men to take ownership of their hair health and holistic health evolution. Providing natural, plant-based products, hair-care services and events for customers across the UK.

Sephuine Morgan

Founder of The Home Schoolers & Author of The Hood Entrepreneur

Author of “The Hood Entrepreneur” and founder of The Home Schoolers, Sephuine’s companies promote inclusion, self-love, positive affirmation and numerical literacy amongst black children. Her companies enable and inspire children of colour to embrace their natural and authentic self without fear of judgement.

Our Board

Our board is comprised of team of passionate professionals and community thinkers who have worked across a multitude of industries, from the justice system and probationary services to business consultants and marketing experts.

Carol Mitchell

Board Member

Carol has over 30 years of experience working with young people, and within the justice system, having worked in organisations to help educate, inform and reintegrate individuals back into society. Carol also has a great level of understanding as to how local communities, groups and organisations should work to integrate everyone into the workplace and business.

Ann Sheridan

Board Member

Ann has worked as a strategist for community groups over the past 6 years. Working on ways to engage young people on how to become more active within the community. Ann ensures no stone is left unturned, working closely with our team, supporters, affiliates and partners.

Cleo Morris

Founder & Board Member

As a serial entrepreneur Cleo’s passion is firmly placed in engaging the next generation of young people in business from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Spending time delivering workshops and seminars in schools, community groups and universities across the country, to empower people and companies to take diversity and inclusion seriously.


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