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Anti-Racism eLearning Course

Our 45-minute anti-racism course is the best eLearning solution designed to be accessible to learners of all levels, which will equip your employees to better… 

  • Understand and use culturally appropriate language.
  • Understanding different forms of racism
  • Address overt and covert racism 
  • Understand racial microaggressions and stereotypes.
  • White privilege: what it really means and how to use it.

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Meet The Course Trainer

Mission Diverse Trainer Cleo Diversity Training Company

Our anti-racism course trainer, Cleo Morris, has a lifetime of lived experience when discussing, engaging, and supporting people on the topic of race awareness and anti-racism. With over 10 years of delivering educational training and workshops to improve workplace diversity and inclusion, Cleo’s specialism resides in a particular focus on the area of Race, Anti Racism, and Microaggressions.

Her extensive experience in having trained people from over 30 different countries worldwide, means Cleo is able to help others understand the experiences of others through a variety of lenses. This is what makes our training engaging, conversational, interactive, and digestible for anyone in attendance. Not only that, our training content means that your employees will leave with useful, actionable steps to help improve racial diversity in the workplace.


Delivered by Real People, Not Animations!

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Anti-Racism Course Outline:

  • How to discuss race without being offensive or fear of being offensive.
  • Understanding and using culturally appropriate language.
  • Different forms of racism
  • Address overt and covert racism 
  • Understand racial microaggressions and stereotypes.
  • White privilege: what it really means and how to use it.
  • What is the difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality?
  • What is racial bias?
  • Microaggressions vs implied racism.

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Single purchase for yourself or someone else? Click here to go to checkout below.

Anti-racism Course: eLearning vs. In-person Training:
Which is best for your organisation?


Suitable if you're early on your EDI journey and are wanting to establish a baseline standard of understanding and awareness across the whole organisation for lots of employees. Without being accused of a tick box exercise. eLearning is your starting block to build upon, which often leads to more bespoke needs.

Live Virtual and/or In-person

Bespoke and nuance training tailored to your company and employees. Facilitated by Mission Diverse trainer who is completely impartial. Interactive and lived experiences learning between colleagues. Group learning to work through those "emotional lightbulb moments" together in a safe space where everyone feels comfortable to share and learn from each other.

Some of Our Clients & Partners

Anti-Racism eLearning Course
Client Testimonials

Cleo and the team at Mission Diverse delivered a brilliant session for their Race Awareness Training day for our team. The session was informative, fun and allowed us to have challenging yet useful conversations in a safe space. The considered structure of the day meant a significant volume of information was communicated to us, without it feeling overwhelming or draining. Considering the amount of information there was to take in, it didn’t feel draining. This training has given our organisation us a lot of food for thought and made us feel more confident in bringing positive action into our organisation.
Following the Bar Council’s recommendation that chambers engage in race awareness training, we researched providers and found Mission Diverse. Their website seemed to tick all the boxes we were looking to cover and having spoken to Cleo Morris on the telephone, I felt confident that Mission Diverse would be able to offer a course that covered our needs. It didn’t disappoint. Both members and staff attended the session which was engaging and inclusive and Cleo herself was first class in the way she presented. We will definitely use Mission Diverse again where appropriate and I’m delighted to recommend them to any other organisation looking for race awareness training.
Simply put, Cleo is amazing at what she does. Her delivery is engaging and thorough. The sessions are well paced and well planned. I would be delighted to join further training. The session I attended was unfortunately cut short due to a fire alarm, however I am confident that the second half would have been brilliant. Cleo kindly sent me the Mission Diverse handbook. The mass of terminology included has educated me well. This is a valuable resource. Props to Cleo for being so personable too!
We were introduced to Mission Diverse by a recommendation from a trusted colleague and business owner. We were impressed by the Founder's story and credentials, and how they took time to invest in fully understanding the journey we have been on as a business, our industry, our culture and how we effectively communicate as a team. Mission Diverse's approach is a great blend of empathy, professionalism and pragmatism. We aligned on our company values of generosity, in particular, and a desire to work with partners who give back to their community.

Anti-Racism eLearning Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Discussion techniques on how NOT to be fearful, worried, or offended when discussing race.
  • Understanding race in the workplace.
  • Understanding what it means to be racial inclusive.
  • Discussing race in a safe space.
  • Understanding racial microaggression.
  • Understanding individual, structural & institutional racism.
  • Creating greater positive action. 
Race Awareness Training Muslim Woman Wearing Hijab
Diversity and Inclusion Race Awareness Training Group Session

More Conversation. Less Confrontation.

Our Foundation Race Awareness Training is all about creating a learning and informative space where people of all colours and ethnicities can discuss race without feeling overwhelmed, unheard, or devalued. 

Our discussion and experience-led training approach creates free flowing conversations between your employees to facilitate, engage and inform you and your team. 

Create Change With
Race Awareness Training & Support

Our Foundation Race Awareness Training programme takes a discussion and experience-led based approach to training to create an interactive and engaging level of support. We help you and your organisation understand, address, and engage employees about racial inclusivity and diversity. Learn more about the unknown Expectations vs the real reality of our Race awareness and anti-racism training

Suitable for individuals and organisations of all sectors that are at the start of their journey to improving their understanding and want for greater racial inclusivity in the workplace. We also want to make you and your employees feel comfortable, willing and wanting to share in our Race awareness training session, so you can read about all you need to know about race awareness training here.


We’ll get to the point… Yes. 

We offer a tiered discount based on the number of users purchased. The minimum for any bulk order starts at 30 users, with an uncapped max user number. Please fill in our contact form below and we’ll get a quote sent out to you.

The duration of the training takes approximately 60-90 minutes. However, this depends on the pace of the learner and their familiarity with the topic of race. Our Race eLearning course is self-paced, so learners can complete it at their own speed.

Our anti-racism course is designed to be interactive and engaging, as it’s visually led by our lead trainer. The course itself also has multimedia resources, case studies, and quizzes that test the knowledge of the learners.

For in-person or live virtually delivered training sessions our pricing starts from £55 per person for up to 25 people for both our in-person and virtual staff training.

For our “Deep Dive Training” (4-hour half-day), our pricing starts from £75 per person for up to 25 people for both our in-person and virtual staff training.

Our “Leadership Training” pricing starts from £120 per person for both in-person and virtual training.
We are happy to deliver a number of sessions to accommodate the size of your staff team.

Note: In-person delivery will also incur a £250 resource and delivery charge. The resource and delivery charge is not applicable to virtual training.

Our course content is developed with a focus on inclusivity and respect. We ensure that the language used is culturally sensitive and does not cause any harm or offense to any learners. Additionally, we use inclusive font types for learner to follow along with our course via desktop and mobile devices.

We use various metrics to measure the effectiveness of the training. This includes pre- and post-course surveys, participant feedback, and assessment of behaviour changes or actions taken after the training.

If you are in a HR, Learning and Development or Chief of People position, we also provide you with monthly completion reports so you can see how many employees have completed the training. 

We recognise that some staff may have reservations about the training. That’s why we offer a 30-minute virtual Q&A workshop prior to the rollout of the course across  your organisation. This will allow employees the opportunity to ask question about the training, but also highlight any questions or challenges they may have. As our workshop is delivered by a Mission Diverse trainer, it also give your employees time to dive a little deeper and add nuance to their questions or thoughts around the eLearning course. Our team will be available to address any concerns and provide reassurance about the importance and benefits of the training.

Our Race awareness eLearning course is about building foundational awareness amongst employees across your organisation. It is the starting point, not the end point, that ensures everyone in your organisation or team has the same level of baseline knowledge and awareness of race and racism.

As such, there are many other ways that Mission Diverse are be able to support in the momentum drive for greater workplace cultural and racial diversity such as our virtual and in-person roundtable discussions, EDI employee discussion forums, EDI Health Checks, Audits and much more.

Yes. We can license the course to you to host internally on your systems. 

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