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Psychological Safety Training

Psychological Safety Training for leaders and managers that enables you to effectively communicate and extract the most from your employees, and team whilst creating a safe and inclusive workplace environment.

  • Developing  and managing a confident, resilience and adaptable team.
  • Developing empathy from different perspectives
  • Conflict resolution techniques 
  • Empowering employees to be creative, speak up & share ideas.

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What is Psychological Safety Training?

Psychological safety training is crucial for managers and leaders to foster a culture of learning, growth, and high-performance teams. It enables employees to safe to express themselves authentically, meaning they are willing to contribute their best efforts, collaborate effectively, and support each other at work and produce higher work output.

Psychological safety training for leaders and managers play a vital role in creating and maintaining psychological safety amongst employees. As it cultivate an environment of trust and openness by actively listening to their team members, valuing diverse perspectives, providing clear expectations, and responding to mistakes or challenges.

Benefits of Psychological Safety Training for Employees.

Training equips employees with effective communication skills, including active listening, empathetic understanding, and respectful feedback. This leads to improved interpersonal relationships, reduced misunderstandings, and enhanced collaboration within teams.

When employees feel psychologically safe, they are more engaged in their work. They have a sense of belonging, which leads to increased motivation, commitment, and productivity. Psychological Safety Training helps create a positive work environment that fosters engagement and allows employees to perform at their best.

Training fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth. Employees feel safe to ask questions, seek feedback, and learn from mistakes without fearing negative consequences. This creates a positive learning environment that encourages personal and professional development.

In a psychologically safe environment, employees feel comfortable contributing their perspectives and challenging ideas constructively. This leads to more robust and diverse decision-making processes, as various viewpoints are considered. Psychological Safety Training enhances employees’ ability to engage in thoughtful discussions, resulting in better-informed and more effective decisions.

With increasing globalization, organizations are operating in diverse international markets. Employees equipped with Cross Cultural Communication skills can navigate these markets more effectively, build relationships, and seize global business opportunities.

Benefits of Psychological Safety Training for Managers & Leaders Departments.

Creating a psychologically safe workplace positively impacts employee mental health. When employees feel safe to express themselves and seek support, it reduces stress, anxiety, and burnout. Psychological Safety Training provides tools and resources to support employee well-being and fosters a work environment that promotes mental wellness.

Psychological Safety Training not only benefits employees but also enhances the leadership skills of managers and supervisors. Leaders learn how to create a culture of psychological safety, promote open communication, and build trust within their teams. This enables them to lead with empathy, support their employees’ growth, and foster a positive work environment.

Managers and leaders face various conflicts within their teams. Psychological Safety Training equips them with conflict resolution skills to manage disagreements constructively. They learn to facilitate open dialogue, find mutually beneficial solutions, and ensure that all team members feel heard and respected.

Leaders need to navigate organizational change effectively. Psychological Safety Training equips them with the ability to manage change, maintain psychological safety during transitions, and support their teams through uncertainty. This leads to increased adaptability, resilience, and successful change implementation.

Psychological Safety Training enables managers and leaders to create an environment where diverse viewpoints are encouraged. They learn to actively solicit input, consider different perspectives, and make informed decisions that benefit the team and organization. This inclusive decision-making process leads to higher-quality outcomes.

Psychological Safety Training Outline

  • Understanding Psychological Safety
  • Creating a Psychological Safety Culture
  • Effective Communication for Psychological Safety
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Leadership’s Role in Fostering Psychological Safety
  • Action Planning and Implementation

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Client Testimonials

Cleo and the team at Mission Diverse delivered a brilliant session for their Microaggression Training day for our team. The session was informative, fun and allowed us to have challenging yet useful conversations in a safe space. The considered structure of the day meant a significant volume of information was communicated to us, without it feeling overwhelming or draining. Considering the amount of information there was to take in, it didn’t feel draining. This training has given our organisation us a lot of food for thought and made us feel more confident in bringing positive action into our organisation.
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Hannah A.
Breathe Arts Health Research
Following the Bar Council’s recommendation that chambers engage in Microaggression Training, we researched providers and found Mission Diverse. Their website seemed to tick all the boxes we were looking to cover and having spoken to Cleo Morris on the telephone, I felt confident that Mission Diverse would be able to offer a course that covered our needs. It didn’t disappoint. Both members and staff attended the session which was engaging and inclusive and Cleo herself was first class in the way she presented. We will definitely use Mission Diverse again where appropriate and I’m delighted to recommend them to any other organisation looking for Microaggression Training.
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Vicki K.
Francis Taylor Building

Who can benefit from Psychological Safety Training?

In today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment, fostering psychological safety has become a critical priority for organisations worldwide. As leaders, managers, and team members, we all have a responsibility to create an environment where individuals feel safe, valued, and empowered to contribute their best. Our Psychological Safety Training is a dynamic and interactive experience designed to maximise engagement and knowledge retention. Led by experienced facilitators, the program combines theoretical frameworks, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises to ensure participants gain a deep understanding of psychological safety principles and how to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Implementing sustainable practices to maintain and enhance psychological safety as a leader or manager.
  • Developing skills to build trust and establish open communication channels with team members.
  • Enhancing active listening and empathetic communication to better understand and support team members.
  • Building skills in conflict resolution and mediation to manage team conflicts in a psychologically safe manner.
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Why is Psychological Safety Important to Address in the Workplace?

Psychological safety is of paramount importance in the workplace as it creates an environment where employees feel safe, valued, and empowered to express themselves without fear of negative consequences. When psychological safety is present, employees are more likely to share their ideas, take risks, and collaborate openly. This leads to increased innovation, improved problem-solving, and enhanced team performance.

Psychological Safety Training FAQ

Psychological safety refers to a shared belief within a group or team that it is safe to take interpersonal risks without the fear of negative consequences. It is an important aspect of a supportive and healthy work or social environment. In psychologically safe environments, individuals feel comfortable expressing their ideas, sharing their opinions, and taking risks without the fear of ridicule, rejection, or punishment.

Psychological Safety Training is crucial because it provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to create an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued. It raises awareness about the importance of psychological safety in the workplace, promoting open communication, collaboration, and risk-taking. Through training, participants learn effective communication techniques, conflict resolution strategies, and inclusive leadership practices. This enables them to build trust, encourage diverse perspectives, and create a culture of psychological safety. Ultimately, Psychological Safety Training enhances well-being, engagement, and performance, fostering a positive work environment that supports individual growth and organizational success.

Leaders can promote psychological safety by participating in Psychological Safety training themselves and demonstrating the principles learned. They can model open and transparent communication, actively listen to their team members, and create an environment where ideas are valued and mistakes are seen as learning opportunities. By consistently supporting and encouraging psychological safety, leaders set the tone for their teams and foster a culture that prioritises trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Yes, Psychological Safety training can improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By promoting open communication, respect for different perspectives, and creating an environment where everyone feels safe to contribute, Psychological Safety training supports the inclusion of diverse voices and experiences. It helps individuals understand the value of diverse perspectives, challenges unconscious biases, and encourages collaboration across different backgrounds. As a result, Psychological Safety training can contribute to creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

If you and your company is looking for more specific diversity and inclusion training, you’re in the right place!

At Mission Diverse we offer a mix of training and consulting services that support a range of protected characteristics.

We also produce bespoke training and consulting programmes and workshops to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Below we have detailed our other available training services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, thats absolutely fine, just contact us and we’ll put together a bespoke diversity and inclusion training session for you.  

Our other Training Services

Psychological Safety Training can be delivered through various formats, including in-person workshops, virtual training sessions, webinars, or a combination of different methods. The mode of delivery depends on factors such as the geographical distribution of participants, organisational preferences, and the availability of technology.

Our Training is delivered face-to-face, with facilitated full and half-day training that includes:

  • Interactive workshops.
  • Focus group facilitation & analysis
  • Group exercises.
  • Lived experience learning.
  • Open safe space discussions.

At Mission Diverse we believe in connecting companies with communities. Unlike some organisations, we are a non-profit company, who use the money you pay us for our training programmes, to reinvest in our Local Community Employability and Enterprise programmes.

Our employability and enterprise programmes provide education, mentoring and personal development training to people from underrepresented and disadvantaged communities. By doing this we hope to provide those from underrepresented communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter entrepreneurship and the workplace (…or maybe come and work in your company!).

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