Social Impact

Our Social Impact

As a not-for-profit community organisation we reinvest our revenue directly back into our community enterprise programmes and workshops. Providing education, mentorship and personal development training to the black and minority ethnic community, those from disadvantaged backgrounds and young people. Aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion in both enterprise and in the workplace.

Connecting Companies With Communities

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Services & Support

Through the delivery of our diversity training and consultancy services, funders and donations. We are able to teach and develop people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Giving Back

The revenue generated from our training and consultancy services, funders and donations are reinvested into our community enterprise programmes and youth projects. To further educate and develop the next generation.


Working within local and minority communities. Our programmes and projects educate, develop and up-skill the BAME community, young people, and the disadvantaged. Helping to ensure they are business and workplace ready.

Upskill The Community

Those who participate in our programmes and projects obtain pivotal professional and personal skills that help enable them to successfully enter and excel the in workplace, increase employability, or start their own business.

What Does This Mean For Companies?

Working with Mission Diverse means you’re not only educating and training your employees around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Your organisation is directly contributing to helping us develop and up-skill young people, underprivileged and the black and minority ethnic community through our diversity enterprise and business programmes and workshops.

By choosing Mission Diverse to deliver your training and consultancy services, means you are also contributing to improving generational diversity. With your money for our services goes towards helping us to develop and educate the next generation of black and minority individuals, young people, and those from underprivileged backgrounds, and not into lining the pockets of company directors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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What Does This Mean For Communities?

Diversity, Education, Opportunity & Enterprise...

The revenue generated from our donations, corporate memberships, diversity and inclusion training, and consultancy service go directly into funding and supporting the black and minority ethnic community, young people, those from disadvantage backgrounds through our community and enterprise programmes. 

This means with your support we’re able to work with more young people, underprivileged individuals, and the Black and ethic minority community to bring everybody up to the professional workplace standard required within businesses, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Everyone knows that just hiring one person of colour, or a company press release about “diversity and inclusion” does nothing to improve diversity. If you and your organisation want to make a REAL difference to improving diversity and inclusion. Help us by becoming a supporting corporate member today…

Your Corporate Membership Support Will:

  • Training and development of people from underprivileged and disadvantaged backgrounds through our community enterprise programmes and workshops
  • Training and development of people from black and ethnic minorities through our business enterprise programmes and workshops.
  • Increase accessibly to business training, mentorship, entrepreneurship, finance and personal development within the black and minority ethnic community.
  • Providing funding to start-up businesses on our Reach Programme.
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