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Committed: The Diversity Guide

The straightforward and informative equality, diversity guides that helps employees navigate an ever changing workplace for just £9.99!

What will your employees get from the Committed Diversity Guide?

For just £9.99 per guide and a minimum order of 10 units, our diversity guide will act as an extension of your EDI working groups, forums, and HR department as a supportive and informative resource that staff can use on a day-to-day basis to help them inclusively navigate your workplace. Our guide will also provide simple and straight-forward advice on how to engage in difficult conversations, confidently challenge language and behaviour without confrontation, and much more…

Who Should Use The Committed: Diversity Guide?

Our Diversity Guides are made to be given to every employee in your organisation. From entry level staff and new recruits, to managers, HR departments, directors and board members. Our diversity guide is a positive resource that is used to create an uplifting and considerate workplace to enable everyone to feel seen and heard. With a minimum order order of just 10 guides, and bulk pricing available – what are you waiting for?

What's Inside the Committed Guide

It’s everything you and your employees need in our pocketbook Diversity Guides…

Committed Guide Inside Pages

What Other People Say...

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These have been brilliant! We wanted something to support the team and this was perfect. I have actually seen staff using this on a day by day basis.
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Thoroughly impressed with these guides. We're looking forward to the upcoming training session.
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I really enjoyed this booklet - it introduced me to novel notions with which I had never thought about.
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Just what we were looking for! Thank you!
Hannah x
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Having taken part in training from Mission Diverse we wanted to purchase these guides to further support our employees. They have been invaluable.
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Brilliant! 🙂
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We refer to this guide all the time. It's perfect for our small (yet growing) team!
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It's must have! We were looking at having something that supported all of our 300 staff and was a support booklet for new starters.
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We were skeptical when we got these. But they have honestly been transformational. Thank you Mission Diverse!
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Highly recommended! 5/5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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This has really helped our team further diversity and inclusion and reduce the awkwardness around difficult conversations.
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These guides have been fantastic! We've purchased more to provided to our other global offices in the USA and France.

Order Your Diversity Guides Today!

If you’re organisation is really committed to improving diversity & inclusion – what are you waiting for? Take this small, yet significant step to creating an inclusive workplace culture and order your guides now!

Minimum order of just 10 guides and no order limit for just £9.99 per guide. Costs per guide reduces based on quantity purchased.

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Diversity Guide FAQ's

To protect our intellectual property from the unauthorised and illegal redistribution of the Committed Diversity guide we do not offer a digital ebook version. The only place to secure a copy of the Committed Diversity guide is through the Mission Diverse website. 

Yes – and there is no maximum order on guides. The cost per guide will incur a price percentage decrease based on the number of units purchased.

To order, simply click the “Order Now” button, select the number of guides you’d like to order (minimum order of 10). Simply click the “Order Guides” button and submit the form and we’ll contact you to confirm your order. See our price/unit table below:

  • Minimum order 10 = £9.99 per unit
  • 11 – 20 units = £9.60 per unit
  • 21 – 30 units = £9.40 per unit
  • 31 – 40 units = £9.00 per unit
  • 41 – 50 units = £8.75 per unit
  • 51 – 60 units = £8.50 per unit
  • 61 – 70 units = £8.25 per unit
  • 71 – 80 units = £8.00 per unit
  • 81 – 90 units = £7.75 per unit
  • 91 – 100 units = £7.50 per unit
  • 101 units = £7.25 per unit

Yes, our guide has a Flesch Reading Ease score of 85. To give context, The Flesch Reading Ease gives a text score between 1 and 100, with 100 being the highest readability score. Scoring between 70 to 80 out of 100 is equivalent to school grade level 8. Meaning the text in our diversity guide is considered fairly easy to read for the average adult.

Once you place your order through our website we’ll begin processing. You can expect your order to be dispatched within 2 working days, and arrive within 5 working days of your order being placed. Please note this may be subject to change. All orders are tracked so you can see when your diversity guides will be arriving.

Yes, we do ship internationally – when you checkout the price for delivery to your required country will be provided. Once you place your order through our website we’ll begin processing. You can expect your order to be dispatched within 2 working days, your order can take between 7 – 10 days based on location. In some cases orders may take up to 60 days to arrive.  Please note, this may be subject to change. All orders are tracked so you can see when your diversity guides will be arriving.

Yes! We love to hear from customers and (hopefully) new customers who are on their diversity and inclusion journey. You can contact us by phone on +44(0)1216636110 or email [email protected]

Honestly, we were fed up of companies talking about “how committed to diversity and inclusion” they were. Yet, doing absolutely nothing when it came to creating equitable, diverse and inclusive change (so much so, we even wrote a blog on it). So we wanted to give companies and their employees a simple, day-by-day support diversity guide to allow them that allowed them take real diverse and inclusive steps to a more equitable workplace.

Some of Our Clients

Order Form

Complete this order form then we’ll get an invoice sent to you. Once paid, we’ll ship your guides. Please note: 10 minimum order of guides guides, there is no maximum order. We do not sell an online version of this guide. Guides shipped to UK mainland. Orders outside the UK are only accepted if order volume is above 100 units. 

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