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Diversity Training Services

We offer in-person and online diversity training services that support SME’s, large corporations and charities across the globe.

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What Our Diversity Training Services Include...

Diversity Training & Consultancy Services

Microaggressions Training

Our Microaggressions Training is designed to help you identify this particularly subtle forms of discrimination. Whilst helping employees understand what microaggressions are, and how to confidently challenge them.

Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious Bias Training that helps your employees mitigate workplace bias, improve staff engagement, diversify recruitment. This training also provides practical strategies for reducing the influence of unconscious biases.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

We offer Foundation and Advanced Diversity Training for employees, managers and leaders to develop, discuss, re-educate and improve workplace inclusivity and widening the spectrum of diversity to ensure everyone is heard. 

Race Awareness & Anti-Racism Training

Our Race Awareness & Anti-Racism Training empowers employees and organisations to have proactive conversations about race and racism through discussion-based and experience-led approach to training.


Our LGBTQ+ training will enable you to understand how to correctly use pronouns, address the differences between gender identity and gender expression, have inclusive conversations about LGBTQ+ topics as well as being an ally.

24/7 Consultancy

We provide ongoing monthly consultancy support services which gives you access to all of our specialist consultants. Our diversity consultants will support you any EDI advice, policy, procedures and reviews at a fraction of the cost.

In Person or Online Training

All of our diversity training services are delivered in person or online, hosted by our Mission Diverse trainers and facilitators. We provide varied levels of training to suit you, with Refresher, Foundation, Advanced Senior Leadership training activities available to support a range of learners.

Consulting & Diversity Training Services

We offer a variety diversity training services that support you and your team navigate the world of EDI. We offer Diversity & Inclusion, LGBTQ+, Race Awareness, Culture, Bias and Inclusive Leadership training and support to organisations, worldwide. 

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Our Diversity Training Services

Unconscious Bias
Training Services

  • Our Unconscious Bias training helps you & your team understand, raise awareness & reduce biases that we know everyone holds, as well as remove the negative workplace impacts.

Race Awareness
Training Services

  • Our Race awareness training enables you & your employees to better understand, address and engage with all colleagues and clients in an inclusive manner from different races, faiths & cultures.

Microaggressions Awareness Training

  • Our Microaggression Training is designed to help you identify this particularly subtle forms of discrimination and provide you with the knowledge and tools needed

LGBTQ+ Sensitivity

  • Our LGBTQ Training is all about creating a learning and informative space where people of all orientations and identities can discuss gender, gender identity, issues.


  • Make sure you are meeting the needs and understand the intersectionality experience and challenges people experience with regards to Intersectional Discrimination.

Diversity & Inclusion
Training Services

  • Our Equality and Diversity training services will and support help you and your team embed best practice within your organisation, and develop an inclusive company culture.

Open Live Online Individual Training Courses

  • Our live online training courses are held twice a month, all year round to suit your diary. Our training is open to any and all individuals who want to train, retrain, refresh and develop

Diverse Consultancy & Advertising Services

  • Our team works with you and your organisation to fully engage, or re-engage key stakeholders to present a unified, diverse, and inclusive message to employees and consumers.

Damage Limitation & Prevention Strategies

  • Our damage limitation and crisis management services works to limit public and private damage and exposure that your organisation may currently be facing around culture and diversity.

Frequently Asked Diversity Training Services

Our Diversity training services are delivered online and in person throughout the course of the year. Here’s how to book your training…

  1. Select the type of training you require (Diversity & Inclusion, Race Awareness, Unconscious Bias training).
  2. Fill in our contact form
  3. One of our team will contact you with regards to the training and send you a proposal to review.
  4. Book and pay your training and you’re all set to go!

Our diversity training services include:

  • Interactive workshops.
  • Group exercises.
  • Lived experience learning.
  • Open safe space discussions.
Our diversity training services are also delivered in person or virtually to support your organisation, which includes:
  • In person or virtual focus groups.
  • Workplace observations.
  • Employee interactions.
  • Company recommendations.

At Mission Diverse we believe in connecting companies with communities. Unlike some organisations, we are a non-profit company, who use the money you pay us for our training programmes, to reinvest in our Local Community Employability and Enterprise programmes.

Our employability and enterprise programmes provide education, mentoring and personal development training to people from underrepresented and disadvantaged communities. By doing this we hope to provide those from underrepresented communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter entrepreneurship and the workplace (…or maybe come and work in your company!). Click here to learn more about us.

Have you and your team never really had any D&I support, but want to raise awareness and improve their understanding?

If you’re looking for a beginners introduction to understanding Diversity and Inclusion, click here to view our Foundation Training.

  • Collaborative working.
  • Workplace social dynamics.
  • Inclusive and open discussions.
  • Workplace culture. 
  • Become more attractive to potential stakeholders.

Ready To Book Our Diversity Training Services...

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