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Bystander Training

Our bystander training helps create an inclusive culture whilst empowering your employees to confidently challenge workplace conflict, disagreements, prejudice and discrimination without conflict. 

Our bystander training includes; 

  • How to confidently challenge conflict and discrimination in one-to-one and group settings.
  • Identifying and challenging microaggressions.
  • Methods of active and supportive bystander interventions.
  • Challenging behaviour as the person affected. 
  • Identifying signs of distress or harm in others.
  • Effective conflict communication techniques.

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What is Bystander Training?

Many people witness behaviour that is harmful or discriminatory but may feel unsure about how to respond. This could be for many reasons, fear, nervousness, confidence and more. Our bystander training is a proactive approach designed to equip people with the tools they need to intervene safely and effectively when they witness inappropriate behaviour as both an active, supportive bystander; as well as if you are the person affected.


At Mission Diverse, we specialise in creating a more inclusive and respectful environment through our comprehensive Bystander Training programmes. Our training will ensure individuals have both the confidence and skills needed to manage small conflicts, as well as challenge prejudicial or discriminatory language and behaviour in both workplace and social settings.


Meet The Trainer

Mission Diverse Trainer Cleo Diversity Training Company

Welcome to Mission Diverse, the premier provider of high-quality anti-racism training and consulting for companies and organisations of all sizes. Our in-person, virtual, and e-learning anti racism training programs are designed to support employees, managers, leaders, HR professionals, and more.

Our lead trainer, Cleo Morris, has a lifetime of lived experience when discussing, engaging, and supporting people on the topic of anti racism. With over 10 years of delivering educational training and workshops to improve workplace diversity and inclusion, Cleo’s specialism resides in a particular focus on the area of Race, Anti Racism, and Microaggressions.

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Bystander Training Outline:

Our bystander training will show learners the critical role that bystanders play in addressing and preventing discrimination. With topics that include;

  • Confidently challenge conflict and discrimination in one-to-one and group settings.
  • How to spot signs of distress or misconduct
  • Strategies for addressing power imbalances in intervention scenarios
  • De-escalation techniques
  • bystander effect and its psychological implications.
  • Understanding and embedding the Mission Diverse “H.E.L.P.” framework for Active Bystanders.
  • Understanding and embedding the Mission Diverse “S.T.O.P.” framework for Supportive Bystanders.
  • Understanding the importance of bystander intervention.

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Who Would Benefit from Bystander Training?

Our Bystander training is beneficial for individuals at all levels of an organisation. Whether you are an employee, manager, or c-suite executive, our training equips individuals with the confidence, competence, and knowledge to intervene safely and effectively when they witness harmful language behaviours. We help your employees lead from the front, enabling them to recognise, address, and mitigate discrimination and harassment, irrespective of job title or seniority.

Bystander training contributes to developing a culture of mutual respect and accountability in the workplace. It promotes a sense of responsibility and solidarity among colleagues. This intervention helps reduce discrimination and harassment, creating a healthier and more productive work environment.

Bystander Awareness Two People Supporting Each Other Through Conversation

Bystander Training Outcomes:

Once you complete our Bystander training, learners will  enhance their ability to contribute to a more inclusive and respectful environment, which includes:

  • Building confidence when challenging inconsiderate and inappropriate language and behaviour in a constructive and professional manner.
  •  Understanding the role of a bystander.
  • Supporting people who have been affected by inappropriate behaviour in a way that is most suitable for them.
  • Understanding and managing power dynamics and imbalances in the workplace when challenging as a bystander. 
  • Enhancing active listening and challenging in the workplace.  

In-person, Virtual & eLearning Anti Racism Training Options

At Mission Diverse, we understand that every company is unique. That’s why we offer a range of anti racism training solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our in-person training programs are facilitated by experienced trainers and facilitators who can provide personalised support and guidance to your team. Our virtual training programs are designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing employees to participate from anywhere with an internet connection. And our e-learning anti racism training programs offer a self-paced, interactive learning experience that can be completed at the learner’s own pace.

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Creating Welcoming & Inclusive Workspaces​

Our anti racism training solutions can help you create a more welcoming and inclusive workplace that promotes respect and diversity. Our training also provide numerous benefits for your company, including:

  • Enhanced cultural competency and sensitivity
  • Increased awareness and understanding of racism and its effects on individuals and society
  • Improved communication and collaboration among employees from diverse backgrounds
  • Reduced discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Improved organisational culture and reputation

Top Bystander Training Q&A's

The 5 D’s refer to the following:

  • Distract: Create a distraction to derail the incident
  • Delegate: Seek help from others
  • Document: Record the incident. 
  • Delay: Check in with the person being harassed after the incident. 
  • Direct: Address the behaviour directly. 

Although the 5 D’s are a helpful method as a bystander, it doesn’t consider differing personality types, which often require differing methods of bystander support. It doesn’t take into consideration that people may not be natural communicators or upstanders, and in some cases, it can leave others who are less comfortable or confident in communicating with no method of support. Even though they wish to lend their support in an alternative way.

That’s why, at Mission Diverse, our bystander training does not use the 5 D’s of bystander intervention. We have developed our own intervention frameworks for both active and supportive bystander responses through our “H.E.L.P” and “S.T.O.P” frameworks. In addition to methods on how to challenge if you are the person affected by the language or behaviour. The purpose of this is to give a well-rounded approach to challenging harmful or discriminatory behaviour irrespective of personality type to ensure each person who attends our bystander training leaves with a method that is most suitable for them.

Often, people want to help but are unsure how to do so safely and effectively. Through training, participants learn specific strategies to step in and support victims of harassment or discrimination without putting themselves at risk. At Mission Diverse, our bystander training is crucial for creating safe, inclusive, and respectful environments in both workplace and social settings. Bystander intervention training offers numerous benefits that contribute to the overall health and well-being of your employees as well as improved workplace culture and moral. Our training Bystander training equips individuals with the skills and confidence needed to intervene in potentially harmful situations. 

Our Bystander training also instils a sense of social responsibility, which encourages employees to take an active role in creating a positive social environment, whether at work or in social environments. 

Bystander training is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance workplace culture by promoting safety, respect, and inclusivity. It encourages employees to support their colleagues by intervening when they witness inappropriate behaviour. This creates a culture where everyone feels responsible for maintaining a respectful and safe workplace. When employees actively address harassment and discrimination, it reinforces the organisation’s commitment to high ethical standards. Reducing harmful behaviours and language leads to a more positive and respectful workplace atmosphere, which can enhance overall employee morale and job satisfaction​.

Our bystander training will benefit anyone who works or interacts with others in a professional capacity. This includes all employees, managers, leaders, HR professionals, and anyone who wants to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

The length of both our virtual and in-person bystander training can vary depending on the program and delivery format. Typically, in-person and virtual training sessions range from 90-minutes to 2-hours, 3-hours, 4-hour or a full day 8-hour training sessions. 

Our bystander training can be delivered in a variety of formats, including in-person or virtual. In-person training typically involves a live, interactive session with a facilitator, while virtual training will be conducted through webinars or online meetings.

The costs associated with training can vary depending on the program and delivery format. In-person training sessions are be more expensive due to the cost of materials and facilitator fees, while virtual and e-learning formats may be less expensive. To get a more accurate idea of cost, requests a quote from us and we’ll contact you today to provide you with the costings.

If you and your company is looking for more specific diversity and inclusion training, you’re in the right place!

At Mission Diverse we offer a mix of training and consulting services that support a range of protected characteristics.

We also produce bespoke training and consulting programmes and workshops to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Below we have detailed our other available training services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, thats absolutely fine, just contact us and we’ll put together a bespoke diversity and inclusion training session for you.  

Our other Training Services

At Mission Diverse we believe in connecting companies with communities. Unlike some organisations, we are a non-profit company, who use the money you pay us for our training programmes, to reinvest in our Local Community Employability and Enterprise programmes.

Our employability and enterprise programmes provide education, mentoring and personal development training to people from underrepresented and disadvantaged communities. By doing this we hope to provide those from underrepresented communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter entrepreneurship and the workplace (…or maybe come and work in your company!).

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