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Workplace Mediation for Resolving Complaints & Conflicts

We are the only professional workplace mediation services tailored resolving complaints, conflicts and allegations around workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment. Our team of experienced mediators work with employees to effectively resolve conflicts and addressed challenges.

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Experts In Equitable Workplace Mediation.

We pride ourselves on being the leading provider of acting as your internal or externally outsourced workplace mediation which enables organisations to support, manage and resolve complaints, conflicts and allegations of workplace discrimination, bullying, and harassment amongst employees.

As expertly trained external mediators we help reduce internal bias and perceptions of favouritism. We eliminate the need to allocate and stretch resources. Delivering mediation support both virtually and in-person to meet the needs and comfort levels of all parties involved. 

Neutral Unbiased Workplace Mediation

Why Choose Workplace Mediation?

Fairness and Impartiality: Our workplace mediation services is built on the principles of fairness, impartiality, and unbiased support. Complaints and conflicts can be complex and emotionally charged, which is why our mediators are skilled in providing a safe and neutral environment for all parties involved.

Unbiased Support: As an external body, we offer unbiased support throughout the mediation process. Our mediators are trained professionals who have the expertise to guide discussions and negotiating equal and equitable resolutions for all parties.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Our workplace mediation is  completely confidential. The information shared during mediation sessions remains confidential unless otherwise agreed upon by all parties.

Actionable Outcomes: Our goal is to facilitate reasonable and actionable outcomes that address the needs and interests of all parties involved to guide them towards mutually beneficial agreements

The TRUST Method

Need workplace mediation? Not sure how to progress?… You can T.R.U.S.T us!


Transparency & Honesty


Respectful Communication


Understanding & Empathy


Shared Goals and Interests



Who Uses Workplace Mediation?

Workplace mediation benefits a wide range of individuals and organisations. It is used to manage, support and resolve company-wide disagreements. Including power and seniority imbalances

Our mediation services supports:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Where there are seniority and power imbalances 
  • Group incidents
  • Senior leadership teams
  • Extended HR Professional support
  • Large organisation
  • Small business

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Removing Seniority and Power Imbalances

With many workplace complaints, conflicts and allegations, power dynamics and seniority can heavily influence the ability of individuals to express themselves freely. By using Mission Diverse for workplace mediation, we create a safe and confidential space where all parties involved can voice their concerns openly and confidently, without fear of repercussions, regardless of their position or level within the organisation. Our ability to create a safe space encourages open dialogue and helps uncover underlying issues that may have otherwise remained unaddressed. 

Different Approaches to Mediation

we understand that organisations have unique preferences and requirements when it comes to the delivery of workplace mediation. That’s why we offer flexible options to ensure that mediation aligns seamlessly with your organisations culture and operational needs which include:

  • In-Person (face-to-face) Mediation
  • Virtual Mediation
  • Hybrid Mediation (Combines the benefits of in-person and virtual mediation)
  • On-Site Mediation (Mediators come to your organisations premises)
  • Off-Site Mediation (A neutral location outside of your organisations premises)
  • Flexible Out-of-hours Scheduling (Evening & weekends)

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Prefer to talk to us? Give us a call on +44 (0)121 663 6110

Inclusive Workplace Mediation FAQ's

Workplace mediation is a confidential and voluntary process that involves a trained mediator assisting individuals or groups in resolving conflicts and disputes in the workplace. It provides a structured framework for open communication, understanding, and reaching mutually acceptable solutions.

Workplace mediation is appropriate for various situations, including interpersonal conflicts, team disputes, breakdowns in communication. At Mission Diverse we specialise in mediating issues related to discrimination or harassment, and conflicts arising from organisational changes. It offers a constructive and collaborative approach to address conflicts, promoting positive relationships, equal and equitable workplace environments.

Workplace mediation takes a voluntary and collaborative approach, where all parties involved willingly participate to resolve a conflict. It encourages open communication, active listening, and understanding, with the aim of finding mutually acceptable solutions. In contrast, a disciplinary process or tribunal is typically initiated by an employer or employee to address alleged misconduct or breaches of company policies. Disciplinary process or tribunal follows a more formal and authoritative approach, focusing on determining guilt or innocence and applying appropriate disciplinary actions. Whereas mediation is not a legal process, it focuses on resolution, relationship-building, and maintaining a positive work environment between a employees.

The duration of workplace mediation varies depending on the complexity of the conflict and the number of participants involved. Some mediations can be resolved in a single session, while others may require multiple sessions spread over a few weeks. The mediator will work with the parties to establish a realistic timeframe for the mediation process.

Yes, workplace mediation is confidential. All participants, including the mediator, are bound by strict confidentiality agreements. This confidentiality allows individuals to speak openly and honestly during the mediation sessions, knowing that the information shared will not be disclosed outside of the mediation process, unless required by law.

Mission Diverse mediators undergo specialised training to develop the skills and knowledge required to facilitate effective mediation processes. We have a background in diversity and inclusion support, and conflict resolution, working with companies across the world. Our experienced workplace mediators possess strong communication and negotiation skills, neutrality, and the ability to guide parties towards productive and sustainable resolutions.

Yes, we provide recommendations and professional observations post-mediation. Our post-mediation support aims to ensure ongoing support, action planning, and guidance for all parties involved. The purpose of these recommendations and observations is to assist with the implementation of the agreed-upon resolution and to support continued positive communication and working relationships.

It is essential to note that our post-mediation recommendations and observations maintain confidentiality and uphold the privacy of the mediation process. We do not include any personal mentions or references from the mediation sessions. The focus is on providing general guidance, highlighting best practices, and offering suggestions for future actions that can contribute to a harmonious work environment.

Transparency is a key principle in our approach. Therefore, everyone involved in the mediation process receives a copy of the post-mediation recommendations and observations. This ensures that all parties have access to the same information, promoting transparency and fairness in the ongoing support and guidance provided.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights and practical recommendations that can assist individuals and organisations in implementing the agreed-upon resolutions effectively. We strive to support positive change and continuous improvement in the workplace, while respecting the confidentiality and privacy of the mediation process.

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