LGBTQ Training

In-person or virtual LGBTQ Training for up to 25 people from just £35 per person! Choose from our 2hour, 4-hour or full day training sessions. 

Supports your employees to; 

  • Understanding Pronouns.
  • Gender Identity & Gender expression.
  • Appropriate language and behaviours.
  • Microaggressions & Microinvalidations.
  • Being a supportive LGBTQ colleague.

Meet The Trainer​

Zuzanna - Mission Diverse LGBTQ Trainer

Our lead LGBTQ training provider, Zuzanna Baranowska, is a member of the LGBTQ+ community with years of lived experience, training expertise, and a unique ability when supporting people to understand LGBTQ related topics.

Having delivered training in educational spaces, as well as working with community based LGBTQ Associations, Zuzanna’s lived-experience training style at Mission Diverse offers a unique, personalised, and personable method of engaging with participants with a varied knowledge base. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to the LGBTQ space, or you’re we’ll versed in this space. Our LGBTQ training will ensure all staff are on the same playing field to help them better understand the community, topics of discussion, as well as methods to support and engage others both inside and outside of the workplace. 

Various LGBTQ Training Subjects We Cover:

  • Understanding Pronouns.
  • Gender Identity & Gender expression.
  • Appropriate language and behaviours.
  • Microaggressions & Microinvalidations.
  • Organisational responsibilities around LGBTQ community.
  • Being a supportive LGBTQ colleague.
  • Speaking confidently about LGBTQ topics.
  • Gendfluidity/Genderqueer, Non-binary and Binary, Trans and Cis Gender.
  • Tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.
  • Sex and Related Concepts.

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LGBTQ Training Learning Outcomes:

Our in-person and virtual training outcomes will allow you to have:
  • Discussion techniques on how NOT to be fearful, worried, or offended when discussing LGBTQ topics.
  • Understand LGBTQ topics in the workplace.
  • Understand what it means to be LGBTQ inclusive.
  • Discus LGBTQ issues and topics in a safe space.
  • Understand LGBTQ microaggression.
  • Understand sex and gender reassignment discrimination.
  • Create greater positive action.

Foundation Race Awareness Training
Client Testimonials

Cleo and the team at Mission Diverse delivered a brilliant session for their Race Awareness Training day for our team. The session was informative, fun and allowed us to have challenging yet useful conversations in a safe space. The considered structure of the day meant a significant volume of information was communicated to us, without it feeling overwhelming or draining. Considering the amount of information there was to take in, it didn’t feel draining. This training has given our organisation us a lot of food for thought and made us feel more confident in bringing positive action into our organisation.
Following the Bar Council’s recommendation that chambers engage in race awareness training, we researched providers and found Mission Diverse. Their website seemed to tick all the boxes we were looking to cover and having spoken to Cleo Morris on the telephone, I felt confident that Mission Diverse would be able to offer a course that covered our needs. It didn’t disappoint. Both members and staff attended the session which was engaging and inclusive and Cleo herself was first class in the way she presented. We will definitely use Mission Diverse again where appropriate and I’m delighted to recommend them to any other organisation looking for race awareness training.

Create Change With Our LGBTQ Training & Support

Our LGBTQ Training programme takes a discussion and experience-led based approach to training to create an interactive and engaging level of support. We help you and your organisation understand, address, and engage employees about inclusivity and diversity through our training and consulting support.

Suitable for individuals and organisations of all sectors that are at the start of their journey to improving their understanding and want for greater diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Intersectionality Training Woman with Multi-coloured hair and Robotic Arm

Conversation-Based LGBTQ Training

Our LGBTQ Training is all about creating a learning and informative space where people of all orientations and identities can discuss gender, gender identity, issues and concerns without feeling overwhelmed, unheard, or devalued. 

Our discussion and experience-led training approach creates free flowing conversations between your employees to facilitate, engage and inform you and your team. 

LGBTQ Training FAQ

Our LGBTQ training is designed to provide you with the knowledge on the various forms of sex, identity, and gender related topics that exist within our society and may exist within your organisation and teach you the skills to be proactive in addressing these issues.

Our LGBTQ Training can be delivered face-to-face and virtually, with facilitated 90 minutes to 2 hour sessions and  4 hour half-day training that includes:

  • Interactive workshops.
  • Focus group facilitation & analysis
  • Group exercises.
  • Lived experience learning.
  • Competition quizzes
  • Open safe space discussions.

For our “Working Day 90-minute LGBTQ Training”, our pricing starts from £35 per person for up to 25 people for both our in-person and virtual staff training.

For our “Facilitated Discussion LGBTQ Training” (2 hour 30-minute), our pricing starts from £55 per person for up to 25 people for both our in-person and virtual staff training.

For our “Deep Dive LGBTQ Training” (4-hour half-day), our pricing starts from £75 per person for up to 25 people for both our in-person and virtual staff training.

Our “Leadership LGBTQ Training” pricing starts from £120 per person for both in-person and virtual training.
We are happy to deliver a number of sessions to accommodate the size of your staff team.

Note: In person delivery will also incur a £350 resource and delivery charge. The resource and delivery charge is not applicable to virtual training.

If you and your team have had some basic level of LGBTQ training then you’d probably be interested in our Advanced LGBTQ Training which provides more in-dept training.

You may be unaware of the existence or impact of LGBTQ issues and understanding in your organisation. Not only is discrimination in the workplace unacceptable, it can also have negative impacts on your employees and your bottom line. Employees who face race-based discrimination are more likely to report having experienced:

  • A negative impact on both physical and mental health.
  • Decreased motivation.
  • Decrease in productivity.

Employers who do not take an active approach to combating LGBTQ issues within their organisation may experience:

  • Diminished mental health of diverse staff.
  • Loss of sales revenue and customers due to LGBTQ coverage and bad PR.
  • Toxic work culture.
  • High turnover in staff due to a toxic insensitive work culture.
  • Negative impact on recruitment efforts.

If you and your company is looking for more specific diversity and inclusion training, you’re in the right place!

At Mission Diverse we offer a mix of training and consulting services that support a range of protected characteristics.

We also produce bespoke training and consulting programmes and workshops to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Below we have detailed our other available training services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, thats absolutely fine, just contact us and we’ll put together a bespoke diversity and inclusion training session for you.  

Our other Training Services

At Mission Diverse we believe in connecting companies with communities. Unlike some organisations, we are a non-profit company, who use the money you pay us for our training programmes, to reinvest in our Local Community Employability and Enterprise programmes.

Our employability and enterprise programmes provide education, mentoring and personal development training to people from underrepresented and disadvantaged communities. By doing this we hope to provide those from underrepresented communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter entrepreneurship and the workplace (…or maybe come and work in your company!).

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