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Mission Diverse

Making Diversity Our Mission


5 Tips for Managers to Improve LGBT Inclusion in The Workplace

As a leading advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Mission Diverse understands the importance of creating a supportive environment for all employees, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). Managers in any company play a critical role in setting the tone for this type of workplace culture, which includes […]

Sam Smith – “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” Video: Why it does more for LGBTQ+ awareness than you might think.

The music video for Sam Smith’s “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” is a visually stunning masterpiece that empowers people to be true to themselves. Sam Smith rejecting societal expectations The powerful imagery of Sam Smith breaking free from traditional gender and sexual stereotypes. The singer, who uses they/them pronouns, new music video is a […]

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